CAPA 9 - Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Course Description

Aboriginal communities and organizations need administrators and managers who are effective negotiators and who are able to resolve conflicts both within and outside their organizations. This course will provide foundational negotiation knowledge and skills, including how to prepare for and introduce a negotiation, identify what is important, and reach a culturally sensitive agreement that satisfies the interest for both sides. Using the framework of Attitudes, Process, and Skills, throughout the course you will be encouraged to self-reflect about your experiences, and to use this self-knowledge to inform your practice of negotiating a conflict. Case studies will help you learn how to conduct a conflict analysis, and you will develop your negotiating skills by critiquing demonstrations of negotiations, as well as practicing.

Course Fees:

  • Members: $575 (plus applicable taxes)
  • Non-members: $695 (plus applicable taxes)