CAPA 3 - Financial Oversight

Course Description

This course provides a general overview of financial concepts, many practical examples and best practices, to assist senior administrators in the execution of their daily operations and planning processes. The course includes a wide range of topics that all will likely see in the performance of their roles as senior administrators working in Aboriginal communities/organizations and provide them with information, tools and resource materials to help them succeed and excel. This course covers the following:
  • Planning cycle - budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial concepts, principles and standards
  • Interpreting financial statements, balance sheets and other key financial documents for decision-making purposes.
  • Capital and Operational budgets.
  • Unique interrelationships between the community and financial parties
  • Ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial information being provided for decision making or information sharing purposes (example: through the development of appropriate financial policies)
  • Reporting requirements
  • The audit process and its application as a management tool
  • Application of risk assessment techniques and due diligence processes
  • Treasury

Course Fees:

  • Members: $575 (plus applicable taxes)
  • Non-members: $695 (plus applicable taxes)