CAPA 16 - Organizational Behaviour

Course Description

This course gives students understanding of the significance and role of organizational capacity building within the wider context of organizational behavior and theory. It encourages a dual theoretical and practical approach whereby students learn about capacity building as well as perform an organizational capacity assessment study and develop a policy for a chosen organization that promotes a supportive culture and environment for continuous capacity building over the long term. In this way, the course promotes an appreciation for the strategic use of capacity assessments to build and sustain capacity on an ongoing basis. Students will learn about a variety of models of capacity assessment, be able to recognize and conduct gap analysis, become familiar with integrating specifically Aboriginal concepts of capacity building and organizational behavior into capacity building analysis and will be able to identify personal, organizational, and contextual forces that help contribute to successful capacity building in the modern organizational setting.

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Identify gaps in capacity within the organization (example: Needs assessment).
  • Equip staff with the knowledge, skills and access to information and training that enable them to perform effectively.
  • Demonstrate commitment to human resources training and development, and strengthening of managerial systems.
  • Develop policies and frameworks that build and sustain capacity.
  • Prepare proposals and plans to access funding and other resources to increase organizational capacity.
  • Recognize opportunities and challenges in the external and internal environments that necessitate change in the organization and opportunities to enhance operations.
  • Create the conditions and environment to support and sustain strategic changes (i.e. human resources, financial resources, technical resources).
  • Demonstrate willingness to be the champion for change within the administration/ organization.
  • Lead and Motivate employees and Chief and Council/Board to accept and support change.

Course Fees:

  • Members: $575 (plus applicable taxes)
  • Non-members: $695 (plus applicable taxes)