CAPA 14 - Law & Legislative Awareness

Course Description

This course provides information on the legal framework for government and First Nations/Métis/Inuit relations, as well as a broad spectrum of legal issues and legislation that are applicable to organizations. Senior Administrators are expected to have a good understanding of legal matters and reduce potential liability for their organizations.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss relevant legislation that is applicable to the community/organization (example: Indian Act, FNLMA, etc.).
  • Explain concepts emerging from case law and legislation that affects the community/organization (example: duty to consult, etc.).
  • Evaluate the impact of decisions with respect to applicable federal and provincial legislation (example: employment standards and human rights legislation, etc.).
  • Apply applicable federal and provincial legislation to decision making across the organization (with board and stakeholders)/administration (with Chief and Council).
  • Update policies and procedures as laws and circumstances change or as gaps are realized.

Course Fees:

  • Members: $575 (plus applicable taxes)
  • Non-members: $695 (plus applicable taxes
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Required Textbook

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Contemporary Canadian Business Law, 11th Edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson
ISBN:  978-0-0704-0185-3
  (800) 565-5758

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