Guidance on Re-Opening Northern, Remote, Isolated and Indigenous Communities

The COVID-19 Public Health Working Group on Remote and Isolated Communities has completed its Guidance on Re-Opening Northern, Remote, Isolated, and Indigenous Communities.  The guidance provided in this document (see attached) is intended to assist these communities and community leadership in their decision-making process to re-open given that the realities of these communities are different from those in the rest of Canada.  


This document was developed by a Task Group setup through the COVID-19 Working Group.  Members of the Task Group consisted of representatives from Indigenous organizations, health authorities, and governments.  As well, First Nation, Inuit and Métis National Indigenous Organizations and Indigenous Services Canada was also engaged in the development of this document.

To help make this document readily available, it will be available on-line through the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health website ( in the coming days, and a French version will follow shortly.

As well, please note that this document is based on currently available scientific evidence and public health assumptions regarding COVID-19 and is subject to change as new information emerges, experience is gained with lifting restrictions in some jurisdictions, or treatment options or vaccines become available. This document should be read in conjunction with relevant federal/provincial/territorial and local legislations, regulations, policies and guidance.