Managing through Disruptions

AFOA Canada is continuing to provide resources that may help communities navigate the disruption that COVID-19 poses. AFOA Canada had made available a video from our VIRTUAL LIBRARY about how Indigenous communities have dealt with disruptions:

Managing Through Disruptions
AFOA Canada 2019 National Conference - October 9, 2019

At a community level, there are many disruptions that happen. This can be external pressures to a community organization such as floods and earthquakes. Other pressures can be how a community is addressing significant family and health issues. It can also be internal pressures to the organization such as cyber security breaches or changing workforce demographics such as the millennials in the workplace. As these disruptions occur, it raises many questions for managers and staff to ponder on how to effectively deal with them. These questions can point toward much needed changes in an organization’s strategy, risk management, financial or operations. It may also provide new insights that require leaders to ensure the community’s vision can still be achieved while managing through the disruptions. If you have to oversee or administer any type of disruption, such as the current crisis, this is must see for you.


Video transcripts / transcription vidéo (English/Français)

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