Below is our current list of Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrators (CAPAs) who are:

  • Active
  • Suspended & Voluntarily Withdrew
  • New CAPAs

Effective June 19, 2013, the AFOA Canada Board of Directors approved amendments to the policies regarding non-payment of dues and voluntary withdrawals.

As per the CAPA Policy – Membership Status, Clause 1.27 Suspended, “If a member does not pay a membership fee by June 30th, the member will be suspended and loses membership privileges.  Non-payment of dues by a member who is suspended, will be published in the Journal of Aboriginal Management and through other media, including public newspapers and the AFOA Canada website, as deemed appropriate by AFOA Canada.   The following is a list of CAPAs suspended for Non-compliance with the CAPA Policy at July 30, 2019.

AFOA Canada encourages all members to be in compliance of the CAPA policies as they pertain to membership obligations such as dues and continuing professional development.


For information on the payment policy and fee structure, please click here. With best efforts, AFOA Canada will update the CAPA listing as payments are received.

CAPAs in Good Standing

@ July 30, 2019

AB 4
Beaverbones, Shannon
Longjohn, Gina
Sharphead, Irene  
Simon, Dorothy  
Earle, Dorothy
Marshall, Terry Lynn
Martin, Jennifer
Peters, Amanda
Sack, Nathan  
Simon, Linda  
Wooldridge, Jenene
BC 21
Acko, Starr
Alexis, Norman
Andrew, Paul
Asmann, Beverley
Atebe, James
Bull, Beverly
Clark, Lorraine
Davis, Jennifer
Derksen, Betty
Fader, Heather
Johnston, Arlene
Levesque, Remi
McGee, Michael
Miles, Rosalin
Monk, Renata
Morrison, Trevor  
Nelson, Shona
Sampson, Elaine
Sunday, Collette
Tom, Chantal
Walton, Theresa
Wolfe, Lisa
MB 11
Barbeau-Bracegirdle, Suzanne
Bolton, Darcy
Carriere, Jeannie
Dick, Eleanor
Martin, Frederick
Maxfield, Georgina
McCorrister, Sheryl
Munroe, Allan
Rosmus, Michelle  
Scott, Brian
Stevenson, Sharon

ON 12
Anderson, Jody  
Brascoupe, Simon
DeGagné, Michael
Goodtrack, Terry
Henderson, Janice
Jacko, Marilyn
John-George, Monica
Kakekaspan, Genevieve  
Nelson, Rodney
Thompson, Doretta
Tremblay, Paulette
Wesley, Lorraine
QC 5
Dick, Frankie
Gull, Flora
Lamontagne, Manon
Mayes, Randy
Whiteduck, Debbie
SK 9
Bugler, Patrick  
Cyr, Arlene
Daniels, Michelle
Dawatsare, Vanessa  
Griffith, Joanne  
Nashacappo, Leila  
Poitras, Marcella  
Tacan, Pearl  
Yuzicappi, Jamie  
Grand Total 69

Suspended CAPAs & Voluntary Withdrawals

@ July 30, 2019


BC 2
Ferris, Lynda
MB 3
Grasby, Theresa
Lavallee, Delores
Tulman, Shirley
ON 1
Smoke, Showna
Grand Total 6


New CAPAs approved in the period April 1, 201 to March 31, 2019.  The new CAPAs are also included in the "CAPAs in Good Standing" section.

AB 2
Longjohn, Gina  
Simon, Dorothy  
Peters, Amanda
Sack, Nathan
BC 1
Tom, Chantal
Rosmus, Michelle  
ON 3
Anderson, Jody
Kakekaspan, Genevieve
Thompson, Doretta  
SK 8
Bugler, Patrick
Daniels, Michelle
Dawatsare, Vanessa  
Griffith, Joanne  
Nashacapo, Leila  
Poitras, Marcella  
Tacan, Pearl
Yuzicappi, Jamie
Grand Total 17