Capacity Development Workshops

We work with you!

AFOA Canada recognizes the value of Indigenous professionals wanting to advance their careers through Capacity Building & Training. We are pleased to offer a variety of community workshops designed to address key finance and management issues that are delivered in your community or at a location of your choice. Travel can be costly when you are trying to access training for management, staff and elected leaders so let us come to you!

Having a properly trained team can save and even earn you thousands of dollars. The right process will get you the right person in the right position at the right time and will assist you in achieving your planned growth. We must invest in our own people, today and for future planning. Give your team the competitive advantage and provide them with the skills they need to execute your community and organizational goals. Indigenous professionals will benefit from these workshops no matter if you are new, a manager, executive or elected leader.

All Participants are provided with all necessary publications, tools and guides.

Contact Information:
For more information on pricing availability, please contact Samuelle Bartlett at AFOA Canada at 613-222-0540 or by email at or email our team at See below to complete a community workshop inquiry form.

For Indigenous Finance and Management

  • Performance Measurement and Reporting in First Nations - 2 Day Workshop
  • An Introduction to Comprehensive Community Planning in First Nations - 2 Day Workshop
  • Developing an Effective Management Action Plan for First Nations - 2 Day Workshop
  • Strategic Planning in First Nations - 2 Day Workshop
  • Values and Ethics in the Indigenous Workplace - 2 Day Workshop
  • An Introduction to Community Economic Development - 2 Day Workshop
  • Effective Planning, Creation and Implementation of Your Trust - 2 Day Workshop
  • Retirement Planning - 2 Day Workshop
  • Coming Soon! Wills & Estates: The Role of the Executor - 2 Day Workshop 
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Procurement and Contracting - 1 Day Workshop
  • Developing Business Plans and Funding Proposals I - 1 Day Workshop
  • Developing Business Plans and Funding Proposals II - 1 Day Workshop
  • Project Management for Large Infrastructure Projects - 2 Day Workshop
  • The Role of the Board's Treasurer, and the Finance and Audit Committee - 1 Day Workshop
  • Whistle-blowing in Indigenous Organizations - 1 Day Workshop
  • Human Resources Management Essentials (Modules 1-5): 
    • Module 1 - Professional Practice - 1 Day Workshop
    • Module 2 - Planning and Staffing - 1 Day Workshop
    • Module 3 - Performance Management and Employee Training and Development - 1 Day Workshop
    • Module 4 - Employee Compensation and Benefits - 1 Day Workshop
    • Module 5 - Drug and Alcohol Policies - 1 Day Workshop
  • Banking 101 – The Banking Relationship - 1 Day Workshop
  • Banking 201 – Negotiating Credit Facilities with a Financial Institution - 1 Day Workshop
  • Banking 301 – Financing a Major Economic Development Project or Infrastructure Project - 1 Day Workshop
  • Banking 401 - Wealth Management - 1 Day Workshop
  • New! Not For Profit Board Governance - Achieving your Mission through Good Governance Practices - 1 Day Workshop

For Elected Indigenous Leaders

  • Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders I - 1 Day Workshop
  • Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders II - 1 Day Workshop
  • First Nations Governance I - Community - 1 Day Workshop
  • First Nations Governance II - Leadership - 1 Day Workshop
  • First Nations Community Governance III - Nation Building - 1 Day Workshop
  • First Nations Community Governance IV - Strategy - 2 Day Workshop
  • Effective Leadership - 1 Day Workshop
  • The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Indigenous Leaders - 2 Day Workshop

    Workshop Participant Testimonials

    “The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Indigenous Leaders workshop is an absolute must, especially for elected council members who have never served on council previously.”

    Diane McRae, CAFM, Manager, Administration & Finance, Gitksan Government Commission, BC

    “This was my third consecutive year taking a pre-conference workshop and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn not only from the instructor but from others across the country that attend these courses. The information is fantastic, clear and concise. There are always a lot of stories and laughter shared that take it from a traditional classroom learning level to a more comfortable approach that encourages you to share your situations and to feel free to ask questions. I am hoping for more modules in the HR courses I have been taking these last few years!”

    Annie E. Johnson, BBA, BACS, Director of Administration, UINR, NS

    “Songhees Nation hosted an AFOA Capacity Development Workshop on Human Resource Management Essentials.  We had fourteen participants representing our senior management team and representatives from our neighbouring First Nations.  A two day workshop was well received.  Participants commented that the information was relevant and valuable.  We appreciated the First Nations context of the workshop material.  The workshop was very interactive and dialogue was encouraged throughout.  AFOA is providing high quality capacity development workshops that are making a difference in our communities.”

    Christina Clarke, Director of Operations, Songhees Nation, BC

    “The Values and Ethics in the Indigenous Workplace workshop helps to ground a person and to look at what guides them through personally and professionally.  We learn to appreciate our role models.”

    Sharon Stevenson, BA, HBA, CAFM, Finance Manager, Peguis School Board, MB

    “The Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders is a very positive workshop for anyone considering getting involved in the political environment.”

    Chief Terence McBride, Timiskaming First Nation, QC