Harvard Business School Certificate Program 

AFOA Canada and Harvard Business School is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a fourth cohort for the Harvard Business School Certificate Program at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts - DATED TBD.


Update Regarding Harvard Program Cohort 4

This is to provide you with an update regarding the AFOA Canada - Harvard University Executive Education Program “Leading People and Investing to Build Sustainable Communities” that was to be delivered May 4 to 8, 2020 at the Harvard Business School.

In a discussion today with the Harvard University and our American partners, the decision was to cancel this Cohort until next May 2021.

AFOA Canada will be reimbursing you the amount that has been provided for this Cohort including the administration fee.   The administrative fee will also be returned for those individuals who were waitlisted or not selected as a positive gesture.

At this time, Harvard University would like to continue the program with AFOA Canada for next year.   For those selected to attend for the cancelled May 2020 Cohort 4, as you are members of AFOA Canada, we will hold your seat for the May 2021 Cohort and ask you to confirm next January 2021 if you are able to attend.   Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold any seats beyond that time because we are not certain there will be another Cohort in 2022.

Thank you for your interest and continued participation in AFOA Canada

Terry Goodtrack

President and Chief Executive Officer

AFOA Canada

HBS: Crisis Management for Leaders

These recent weeks have been a time of unprecedented change for all of us as we have adapted our businesses and our lives to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. For business leaders, managing risk in the midst of a global crisis is now “job one,” as uncertainty and change is taking place throughout our entire organizations.

To address some of your concerns and point a path forward, HBS is offering a new five-part series of faculty-led programs on Crisis Management for Leaders. This free, alumni-exclusive series began on Tuesday, March 24, and ran through Friday, April 10. Each interactive session was presented via Zoom web-conference utilizing polling and Q&A features, and can be viewed in recorded format and PowerPoint as it becomes available.

Program 1: COVID-19 as a Novel Event and Risk Management Framework
Program 2: Coping with Sudden Changes in Cash Needs and Availability
Program 3: Structuring the Organizational Response
Program 4: Recognizing and Managing Novel Risks in Your Supply Chain
Program 5: Case Discussion: Chilean Mining Rescue and Summary

Videos and slides from the programs are now available on the Harvard Business School website.

"This was a life changing week! Thank you for everything!"
- Adam Rodgers

General Information

Read more about the Harvard Business School program    
2020 Brochure
For more information on program content, requirements and selection, please see the program brochure.

Nutrien Youth Scholarship

Online Application
AFOA Canada and Nutrien will sponsor one youth, aged 22-29, to attend the Harvard Business School Certificate Program. Apply online or download a PDF application form.


This four-day program provides the participant with the opportunity to view community investments in a broader context. While it is important to understand investment tools, strategies and products, it is equally important to understand how governance practices can shape the management of the investments with a longer term view toward building sustainable communities. The skill sets of entrepreneurial finance, negotiations, and change management complement effective governance of community investments. Participants learn using the HBS case study method. Interactive lectures and small study groups ensure lively, thought-provoking discussions and the sharing of innovative ideas.

Harvard Video


The themes of the program will cover the following:
Investment Governance > Participants will better understand investments and good governance practices over investments.

Entrepreneurial Finance > Participants will build a framework and develop a better understanding for the valuation of potential investments, specifically pre-revenue start-ups.

Negotiations > Participants will enhance their negotiating skills and develop negotiation strategies at an individual and team level.

Change Management > Participants will develop effective strategies for leading through change at both an organizational and community level.


Upon successful completion, all participants will be awarded a Harvard Business School Certificate of Program Completion.


All applicants must complete the full application form. Preference will be given to indigenous CAFM and CAPA designates and AFAA Canada Members. 35 participants will be selected from Senior Administrators, Executive Officers, Elected Leaders and Senior Managers working in Aboriginal communities and organizations on-reserve, off-reserve and in urban, rural and isolated settings across Canada. Participants should have post secondary experience. The selective nature of this program will help to ensure the highest engagement with Harvard faculty and an open and fruitful collaboration among peers. Please see application form for full details.

Please see full application form or contact AFOA Canada at 1-866-722-2362. Participation is limited and seats will fill quickly. Applications must be received by Friday, January 11th, 2019.


Tom Nicholas (Co-Chair) Abernathy Professor of Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Management

David L. Ager (Co-chair) Senior Fellow, Organizational Behavior and Managing Director, Executive Education

Ryan W. Buell - UPS Foundation Associate Professor of Service Management, Technology & Operations Management
Ramana Nanda – Professor of Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Management
Stuart C. Gilson – Steven R. Fenster Professor of Business Administration, Finance
James K. Sebenius – Gordon Donaldson Professor of Business Administration, Negotiations
Adi Sunderarm – Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business Administration, Finance