Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator

The Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator (CAPA) designation is AFOA's newest certification-one that identifies CAPAs as highly qualified Administrators, able to meet today's unique challenges and builds capacity in Indigenous administration. The purpose of the CAPA Education Program is to enhance the knowledge, skills, professional development and capacity of Administrators working in Indigenous communities and organizations.

The role of the Senior Administrator working in Indigenous communities and organizations has steadily increased in significance and importance over the last several decades. The health and success of Indigenous communities and organizations can often be directly linked to the effectiveness and capacity of its administration. Administrators and managers working in Indigenous communities and organizations are key to the viability and well-being of the organization and the people being served. They require extensive knowledge and skills.

It is with great excitement that AFOA Canada began offering on-line courses for the Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator (CAPA) Program in September 2012. The CAPA Program is specifically designed to set high quality competency standards and provide learning opportunities to enhance the knowledge and professional development of Senior Administrators and aspiring Senior Administrators working in Indigenous communities and organizations on-reserve, off-reserve and in remote, rural and urban settings. Through this program, Administrators will learn how to significantly enhance their workplace performance and successfully fulfill their mandates to provide optimal service to meet the needs of their communities and organizations.

The CAPA Competencies are divided into four distinct knowledge areas, based on the Medicine Wheel, which is a holistic approach to maintaining balance. These competencies were developed over a two year period working with senior administrators employed in Indigenous communities and organizations.

They include the following four themes;

NORTH (White) Intellectual & Leadership Competencies
EAST (Yellow) Ethical & Personal Competencies
SOUTH (Red) Emotional & Relationship Competencies
WEST (Black) Fiscal & Management Competencies

To Download the CAPA Brochure, click on the image below