Competency Standards

Competency standards describe the knowledge and skills required for a person to operate effectively in the workplace. The CAPA competencies are divided into four distinct knowledge areas, based on the Medicine Wheel, which is a holistic approach to maintaining balance. They include the following four themes:

 North (white)   
 Intellectual and Leadership Competencies
 East (yellow)
 Ethical and Personal Competencies
 South (red)
 Emotional and Relationship Competencies
 West (black)
 Fiscal and Management Competencies

These competencies were developed over a two year period working with senior administrators employed in Aboriginal Organizations.

CAPA PLAR Competencies

The CAPA PLAR Evidence Portfolio is a record of your learning from work experience, education, training and personal development related to Aboriginal administration and management. These experiences will have taken place over you lifetime and may be sources of evidence to support the knowledge and experience you have in relation to the CAPA competencies.  Your portfolio will be a compilation of evidence provided in a three ringed binder which, when completed, will be reviewed by an AFOA Assessor.
  1. On the Title Page - Insert your Name, Date of Submission, and identification of the competencies for which you are requesting recognition.
  2. Section 2 - Write a narrative of your knowledge skills and experience in Aboriginal Administration and Management in relation to the 20 CAPA competencies
  3. Section 3 - Include your Resume
  4. Section 4 - On the template for each of the 20 CAPA competencies include the in the 20 tabs in the binder, insert the possible sources of evidence for the performance criteria and identify the three supporting documents you will use as evidence. In addition provide a summary of the context which the evidence was gained and how it matches the competency. In each 20 competency tabs, insert the three pieces of evidence being used as evidence to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and experience for each competency
For more information on the PLAR Process, please CLICK HERE