How to Become a CAPA

The CAPA Program is specifically designed to set high quality competency standards and provide the learning opportunities which will enable administrators/managers working in Indigenous communities and organizations to gain knowledge and skills to significantly enhance their work place performance. There are three difference options available to obtain CAPA Certification.

Option 1 - CAPA Online Program

(Standard Application Route)

The CAPA Online Program requires the completion of 16 online courses:
  1. CAPA 1-8 for a CAPA Certificate; and
  2. CAPA 9-16 for a CAPA Diploma

Please refer to the CAPA Online Course Program for a complete description of the program.

Option 2 - CAPA In-Person Program

The CAPA In-Person Program requires applicants to attend six intensive weekend sessions which will be held at various venues across Canada in Indigenous communities.

Please refer to the CAPA In-Person Program for a complete description of this program.

Option 3 - CAPA PLAR

(Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition)

The CAPA PLAR requires applicants to submit a Portfolio that will successfully demonstrate through the assessment process that all CAPA competencies have been met or exceeded.

Please refer to the CAPA PLAR Program for a complete description of this program
To Download the CAPA Brochure, click on the image below