Program overview

The Indigenous Financial Management Diploma includes the 7 courses completed in the Certificate program plus the final 8 courses needed for the CAFM. The Indigenous Financial Management Diploma will provide you with a well-rounded education in accounting and finance in an Indigenous environment. You will gain a solid understanding of accounting processes, business law, information systems, management accounting, audit and assurance and related Indigenous studies. Graduates of the program will qualify for their CAFM designation by passing the CAFM exam and meeting the requirement of two years’ practical experience in an Indigenous environment. The Indigenous Financial Management Diploma provides the knowledge needed for intermediate-to advanced level accountant positions in an Indigenous work environment.

Program Delivery

Students who have completed their Indigenous Financial Management  Certificate will already have earned seven of the 14 credits needed to earn their diploma. You can complete the remaining eight required accounting and finance courses at local post-secondary institutions (PSIs) as part of an accounting program. The required Indigenous studies can be completed online through AFOA-Canada, or in-class through participating PSIs.

Students who do not have the Indigenous Financial Management Certificate will require all 14 credits required for the Indigenous Financial Management diploma. These courses can be taken as part of a college or university accounting program. The five courses of related Indigenous study can be taken online or in class through AFOA. They are also offered in-class at participating PSIs.


CAFM 1   –  Introductory Financial Accounting
CAFM 2   –  Business Communications
CAFM 3   –  Indigenous Business Law or Business Law
CAFM 4   –  Indigenous Strategy & Decisions
CAFM 5   –  Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
CAFM 6   –  Indigenous l History & Developments
CAFM 7   –  Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
CAFM 8   –  Introductory Management Accounting
CAFM 9   –  Information Technology 
CAFM 10 –  Corporate Finance & Fundamentals
CAFM 11 –  Audit & Assurance
CAFM 12 –  Accounting Software Application 
CAFM 13 –  Indigenous Ethics Case Study
CAFM 14 –  Indigenous Human & Fiscal Issues

Note: All accounting and finance courses approved by CAFM will be equivalent to CPA-accredited post-secondary institution courses, allowing Indigenous Financial Management Diploma holders and designated CAFMs to apply for credit for these courses should they chose to pursue the CPA Professional Education Program.

Getting Started

AFOA can help you understand your options and get started on your path to the CAFM.  To learn more, please call 1-866-722-2362 or email