Program Overview

The Indigenous Financial Management Certificate is the first milestone toward the CAFM designation. It covers seven of the 14 courses required to compete the CAFM Education Program and provides all the perquisites needed to move on to CAFM diploma-level courses.

On earning the certificate, you will have learned the basic skills and knowledge needed for entry to junior-level financial roles in our communities and organizations. 

Program Delivery

The accounting and finance courses included in the program must be accredited by CPA Canada. Accredited courses are delivered through local post-secondary institutions (PSIs) and can be taken as part of a post-secondary accounting diploma or degree. The two required Indigenous content courses can be taken online or in-class through AFOA-Canada, or in-class through participating PSIs.


CAFM 1    –  Introductory Financial Accounting
CAFM 2    –  Business Communications
CAFM 3    –  Indigenous Business Law or Business Law
CAFM 4    –  Indigenous Strategy & Decisions
CAFM 6    –  Indigenous History & Developments
CAFM 8    –  Introductory Management Accounting
CAFM 12  –  Accounting Software Application  

Getting Started

AFOA can help you understand your options and get started on your path to the CAFM. To learn more, please call 1-866-722-2362 or email