Admission Through the CAFM Education Program

AFOA Canada has finalized its' partnership with CPA Canada and we will be including updated information on the new CAFM Education Program Alignment with CPA Canada's Advanced Certificate in Accounting & Finance (ACAF) program.

Revised CAFM Education Program

With AFOA Canada's new agreement and partnership with CPA Canada, students will be required to complete the CAFM Education Program through a combination of courses completed through CPA accredited post-secondary institution courses equivalents, courses offered exclusively through AFOA Canada, and requirements completed through or in conjunction with CPA Canada.

Below are the new course requirements, which take effect September 1, 2017.

CAFM 1   –  Introductory Financial Accounting
CAFM 2   –  Business Communications
CAFM 3   –  Aboriginal or Business Law
CAFM 4   –  Aboriginal Strategy & Decisions
CAFM 5   –  Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
CAFM 6   –  Aboriginal History & Developments
CAFM 7   –  Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
CAFM 8   –  Information Technology
CAFM 9   –  Introductory Management Accounting
CAFM 10 –  Corporate Finance & Fundamentals
CAFM 11 –  ACAF Audit & Assurance Course
CAFM 12 –  ACAF Ethics & Workplace Skills Course
CAFM 13 –  Aboriginal Ethics Case Study
CAFM 14 –  Aboriginal Human & Fiscal Issues
SAGE            Accounting Software Application