The CAFM Examination and Exam Preparation Session

The CAFM Professional Examination

  Upon successful completion of all 15 CAFM Program courses and receipt of the AFOA Diploma in Certified Aboriginal Financial Management, CAFM candidates are eligible to write the CAFM Professional Exam. 

Those applying for their CAFM designation through Special Arrangement B will also be required to write the Exam. 

The purpose of the Exam is to ensure that all students who receive their professional designation have the necessary knowledge base required as a professional financial manager. The Exam is comprehensive and integrative and is based on AFOA's competency standards. The Professional Exam fee is $350 plus applicable taxes.

AFOA Canada offers a three-day CAFM Examination preparation session twice a year to prepare candidates for the CAFM Exam. 

About the Exam
The CAFM Examination is delivered and written online and it is written in 2 Parts:
  • PART A of the examination consists of 15 multiple choice questions
  • PART B of the examination consists of 3 written questions
PART A Details:
  • Part A is written from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) across Canada
  • You will have 1 hour to complete Part A
  • You must obtain a minimum of 50%
  • Grade is released upon completion of Part A exam
PART B Details:
  • Part B is written from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) across Canada
  • You will have 3 hours to complete Part B
  • You must obtain a minimum of 65%
  • The results can take up to 8 weeks and you will receive a PASS or FAIL notice in the mail.  No mark is released over the phone or by email.
You must pass both PART A and PART B of the examination in order for your CAFM application to go forward for final review for the CAFM Designation.

If you are unsuccessful in PART A or PART B, or both PARTS, you may rewrite the examination at a future date.

 For more information on writing the Exam, see Exam Schedule & Logistics and the CAFM Examination Policies.

CAFM Exam Schedule

    NEXT ExamMay 18, 2021

Part B:  Written - 12 pm to 3 pm EDT*
Part A:  Multiple Choice - 3 pm to 4 pm EDT*

  *Note:  Saskatchewan registrants, please pay attention to the time changes for EDT and EST.
You must complete a CAFM application form prior to submitting your Exam Registration form 

Submit by April 19, 2021
Register by May 11, 2021

For more information on the CAFM Examination, contact
Patricia Debassige
Manager, Education & Membership
AFOA Canada
1-866-722-2362  or 

The CAFM Exam Preparation Session

  The CAFM Exam Preparation Session is a three day session which reviews areas covered in the CAFM Professional Exam and will go over practical exam writing applications geared to assist you in developing your own study strategy. Participants will be given a copy of a practice exam to assist them in CAFM exam writing. 

The CAFM Exam Preparation Session is held two times a year.  One is held in Calgary or Edmonton, AB the last week of April or first week of May and the other is held in Ottawa, ON the third week of October. See the Schedule & Logistics for the next session. 

The registration fee is $1,250, plus applicable taxes, and includes materials and morning/afternoon break snacks along with beverages (coffee, tea, water, etc). Individuals are free to obtain accommodation to meet their needs and budget. However, rooms are set aside at the hotel in which the Exam Preparation Session is being held for participants. 

All applicants of the Certified Aboriginal Financial Management (CAFM) professional designation via; 

1.    CAFM Education Program
2.    Special Arrangement B

require successful completion (65% or higher) on the CAFM Professional Exam. 

The CAFM Exam is scheduled for four hours and is based on the Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager Competency Standards. For more on the Exam, click here

Who should attend the CAFM Exam Preparation Session?
  • Those CAFM applicants planning to challenge the CAFM Exam and approved to write the Exam.
  • Those CAFM applicants who want to meet and study with other aspiring CAFMs
  • Those CAFM applicants who are looking for excellent study tips and ways to enhance their exam writing abilities
If you have submitted your CAFM Exam application to AFOA Canada and are deemed eligible to write the exam and would like to attend the Exam Preparation Session, you will need to complete an Exam Preparation Registration form

Why should I attend the CAFM Exam Preparation Session? much time YOU should be spending to prepare for this exam. 

Learn...the basics of exam writing, how to structure your study plan and what YOU need to master the CAFM exam. 

Practice...what you have learned by writing a practice exam and learn practical exam applications from a certified CAFM instructor. 

Retain...the knowledge that you have worked so hard to learn and be confident walking into your CAFM exam. 
  • Understand effective studying practices for exams.
  • Learn tips on learner types, dealing with stress, techniques, multiple choice and approaches to a variety of different question types.
  • Understand the competencies and curriculum the exam will cover, along with learning objectives, sources and content summaries.
  • Get a feel for what the exam conditions may be like by writing a similar practice exam.
  • Get feedback on how you did on the practice exam.
  • Receive special coaching and direction on selected topics.
  • The CAFM exam is rigorous and requires substantive preparation to increase the chances of success.
  • It is possible to pass the exam without attending an exam preparation session, however, your chances for success will be higher by attending the exam preparation session and is highly recommended.
The experience of the preparation session and the related material does not guarantee success but it does increase the chances for success.  

CAFM Exam Preparation Schedule

    Next Exam Preparation Session:   April 19-21, 2021 -  Virtual/Zoom MT (Mountain Time)
If you are planning on writing the CAFM Professional Examination in May 2021, attending the CAFM Exam Preparation Session will help you to succeed! 

AFOA Canada is now accepting inquiries for the November 2021 CAFM Exam Preparation Session being held virtually through Zoom.


Register by March 22, 2021 and receive the Early Bird special registration rate of $1,100 for members and $1,250 for non-members. 
Regular rate of $1,250 for members and $1,400 for non-members applies for registrations received after March 22, 2021 
Registration Closes April 5, 2021


Virtual/Zoom MT (Mountain Time)

**You will need access to a computer and a reliable internet connection. If you do not have, there is an option to call in and follow a long with the Powerpoint/Exam Prep Binder.

  Accommodations: N/A


  • AFOA reserves the right to cancel due to limited enrolment.
  • The examination preparation binder will only be mailed once payment has been received.

For more information on the CAFM Exam Preparation Session, contact
Patricia Debassige, CAPA
Manager, Education & Membership
AFOA Canada
1-866-722-2362 or