CAFM 3 - Indigenous Business Law - Winter 2023

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides a general overview of financial concepts, many practical examples and best practices, to assist senior administrators in the execution of their daily operations and planning processes. The course includes a wide range of topics that all will likely see in the performance of their roles as senior administrators working in Aboriginal communities/organizations and provide them with information, tools and resource materials to help them succeed and excel.
1/30/2023 - 5/12/2023


Monday, 30 January 2023

The Finance Manager is expected to have a good understanding of legal matters and reduce potential liability for their organizations. Currently, Aboriginal organizations are assuming more self-government responsibilities and pursuing new opportunities. With increased responsibility comes the need for increased understanding of law and its impact on activities. An increased level of understanding will reduce risk and improve decision making. Please note that there are 2 textbooks required for this course. Please visit our website for details.
1/30/2023 - 5/12/2023

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